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The Best Multiplayer Mobile Games To Play With Friends

Credits: @TechCrunch | @Polygon

Just when we thought entertainment choices cannot get any limited, we are back to stuck-at-home. You will not be able to head over to Tom’s house for the weekly mahjong night, and so you think life is a b*tch. That is why we are here to save you with an awesome list of multiplayer game apps that allow you to travel the virtual world with friends and family! Have a whale of a time over these phone games in the comfort of your own home – who knows, you can even meet new friends online, too!

1. Brawl Stars

Team up with two of your friends for fast-paced 3v3 battles. Each Brawlers has different special skills to attack and defend and there will be interesting individual quests for you to conquer and achieve to receive more trophies. Try out the Battle Maps and challenge your opponents – these Maps will change regularly to keep things fun and refreshing!

Credits: @Polygon

With up to 46 cute cartoon characters, you will definitely be drawn to playing this game. Download Brawl Stars and get Brawl-ing!


Familiar to many, PUBG is a survival game that will keep your heart pumping from the intensity. You have to be fast, agile, and alert at all times to clinch a Chicken Dinner! With weapons and vehicles for you to roam around, team up with your gamer friends to shoot some guns and be a champ. This game allows up to four people in a team.

Credits: @AndriodAuthority

3. Mario Kart Tour

Instead of needing your legs to compress the accelerator or brakes, and your hands to steer the vehicle, Mario Kart Tour allows you the ease of total control with the help of only your thumbs! Similar to what you play in the arcade, you will find power-ups during your race. There are multiple cup events for you to unlock so switch on your competitive spirit and win the games!

4. 2 3 4 Player Mini Games

Planning to have a Family Bonding Night? This game is a multiplayer game where you can play with your siblings and even your parents. Using the same device, you will be playing games such as Soccer and Racing. Perhaps set a penalty of ‘who’s doing the dishes tonight?’ for the losers!

Credits: @Play Max Game Studio

5. Spyfall 

We highly recommended you play this game with more friends. Everyone in the group will be given the location for the round, except for one (who is the spy). With excellent deduction and observation skills, the players would then have to choose someone to ask a question regarding the location and spot the spy. The spy will have to stay hidden and try to explain the location without revealing his identity. Play this over Zoom and have a great laugh whenever someone answers the questions wrongly!

6. MahjongLeh 

Mahjong players, I feel you. Due to the restrictions for Phase 2 HA, only two visitors are allowed in a household which means there will be not enough kakis to play this classic game with. Thankfully, with MahjongLeh, a Singaporean version of Mahjong, this will help curb your addiction for this short period. For those that are interested in learning this brain-stimulating game, they do provide guidance and help for you to learn the basics!

Credits: @AppAdvice

Stay safe, Singapore, and game on!