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The Chinese New Year Edition Of Everything: Shoes

Credit: @optionstheedge

Every year, major brands across the world scramble to release their Chinese New Year (CNY) themed products in time for the festive season. Everything from shoes, beauty products, and even toys are being made with the image of Chinese people ringing in the Lunar New Year in mind.

Credit: @chefchanprivatedine

In this series, we will show you some of this year’s best and also, the weirdest Chinese New Year themed goods.

Let’s start with those things you put on your feet.

You know, shoes.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Low

Credit: Nike

One of the first to go viral amongst the sneakerhead community, these shoes aren’t even available yet. We’re sure that when they finally do drop come end of the month, it will be in extremely limited quantities.

Price: TBA

The product page isn’t up yet but you can see more photos here on Nike’s website.

Nike Air Jordan 5 Low

Credit: Nike

These shoes appear to be more subtle than the first. Although red is present, it mainly serves as an accent to the off-white cream that covers most of the shoe. Take a closer look though and you’ll see that the insides of the shoes are entirely in red.

Credit: Nike

The most overtly Chinese thing is only visible at the back of the shoes – we think it’s pretty cute.

Price: $215

Click here to go to product page.

Note: You can’t buy it yet! But you can tell Nike that you’d like to be notified once you can.

Dior B23 High Top Sneakers

Credit: Dior

Dior’s sneakers have a sleek, refined silhouette like any pair of good high top sneakers. They also come with a pattern made out of the brand’s monogram in repeat. A plastic panel covers the shoes, given them a look somewhere in between a raincoat and a futuristic raincoat. A large patch featuring a stylized Ox outlined in red features on each of the shoes.

Price: $1,400

Click here to go to product page.

Adidas Dame 7 CNY Shoes

Credit: Adidas

Need new red shoes? Adidas’ CNY shoes feature an ultralight midsole and the Chinese word for ox near the back of the shoes. There’s also splashes of gold paint and some black to give the shoes a more defined shape. Can you spot the 2 places where Adidas’ signature 3 stripes appear?

Price: $180

Click here to go to product page.

Dr. Martens 1461 CNY Oxfords

Credit: Dr. Martens

Although Dr. Martens the brand isn’t afraid to release their leather shoes in all sorts of colours, they chose to take a slightly more subtle approach with their CNY oxfords. The jade green decorative charm is the only major nod to the Chinese aesthetic. Note that the stitching that you see on the rim of the shoes is also in jade.

Price: $185.40

Click here to go to product page.

What shoes will you be wearing to do all your New Year visits? Are you going to prioritize comfort or bling? Tell us on our Facebook page.