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The McMinions Have Returned And They Bring New Treats


Come 4th September, you can no longer get Doraemon-themed toys with your Happy Meals. But! The Minions, the derpy pill-shaped servants of Evil Most Terrible, will return, with McDonald’s Happy Meals.

They will also be back in the form of Minion Potatoes, as well as on the bottle of McDonald’s new signature sauce – the Smoky Nacho Cheese sauce. Also, the face of a Minion will grace the cone of every Melon Waffle Cone. And that’s not even all of the new and exciting new treats that McDonald’s is offering.

McDonald’s is also launching the Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie at just $1.50.

The Melon Waffle Cone at $2.00, coming to all Dessert Kiosks.

Love chicken nuggets and can’t get enough? Great news! From 3rd September onwards, the 9 piece nugget set will be $5 instead of the usual $6.35!

As usual, the Minion Potatoes will be $2 for 6 pieces.

Speaking of Minions, McDonald’s Minion Happy Meal Toys will feature 35 designs and counting! New designs will be released every week. All of them will come inside a minion capsule, like this:

Among the many will be a rare golden minion.

Are you a fan of the Despicable Me series? What will you get from McDonald’s when 4th September is here?