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The McSpicy Set Has Evolved Into The McLaoSai Combo

Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, McDonald’s Singapore

One of Singapore’s signature dishes can only be tasted at a McDonald’s. Yes, I’m talking about the McSpicy, better known as the McLaoSai locally for its stomach rumbling properties. (Lao Sai is Hokkien for diarrhea.)

Credit: justafatboi

Despite its reputation, it is a popular burger. I mean, it’s a no brainer. Fried chicken and chili and 2 things that Singaporeans can bond over, even if it has potentially less than pleasant consequences. They will even go all the way to Australia, just to try their version of the McSpicy and proclaim ours to be  superior.

Credit: CBS, ABC

Curiously, at least one person has told me that for them, the McSpicy is the McKekSai instead. (Kek Sai is Hokkien for constipation.)

No matter what the McSpicy does to your digestive system, be aware that with the McSpicy Mala Combo, things are going to get wild. Even if you’re a seasoned McSpicy lover, the Mala McShaker fries are really going to test your tummy.

Actual screenshoot featuring actual regrets post-McSpicy

We suggest you arrow a friend to try it with you, so when 2021 comes knocking, you won’t have to suffer alone once it’s time to poop.

Credit: McDonald’s Singapore

For just $16.20 (U.P. $17.20), you can get a set of 2 McSpicys together with Large Mala McShaker Fries and 2 Medium Cokes.

So, if you’re in the mood for bit of gamble and want a memorable start to 2021, go ahead. Text that friend. Just make sure the toilet is nearby when you’re done eating.

Not Mr. Hankey! | Credit: Comedy Central

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