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The Mulan Trainwreck Marches On


Adding on to the firestorm that Mulan the movie ignited, are the special edition shoes that Irregular Choice, a UK footwear brand released. According to an AsiaOne article published today, on 15th September, some social media users remarked the shoes looked like they were “a special edition for the QingMing Festival”.

Credit: Irregular Choice

The QingMing Festival is an annual festival that marks a return of the dead to the world of the living for a month. This is also the month where believers burn paper offerings and leave out food for their ancestors. Due to the pandemic, there was no way to hold the Seventh Month Concert this year, since it often attracts a large crowd mostly made of older folk. These concerts employ a colourful, kitschy, even gar-ish over-the-top aesthetic meant to attract eyeballs.

Credit: Shin Min Daily

It is this aesthetic that people are talking about and comparing to the shoes on social media.

Credit: dxsibo

Do you see it?

Credit: Irregular Choice

Some social media users also comment on how the shoes are an amalgamation of what Western eyes see as Asian aesthetics. Which, when you think of how it was that the movie flopped so badly, makes a lot of sense.

Credit: screengrab from Twitter

What do you think of Irregular Choice’s range of Mulan-themed shoes? Would you pay $200 SGD for a pair of flats that sport a giant lotus flower over the toes of each foot?