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The Not-So-Secret Lives Of Cat Lovers

Source: Radh Eman and Rescued Cats For Adoption

Have you ever realized some of the stray cats in Singapore are always healthy and well-fed? If you have not noticed, there is actually a network of not-so-secret cat lovers that are actually taking care of the stray cats in your neighbourhood! To be a part of them, all you have to do is join the different Facebook groups and pages!

Whether it is feeding, finding missing cats, or arranging for adoption, this community is passionate about helping the local felines in Singapore. They even provided shelter to these stray cats during the heavy rainy seasons.

If you love cats as much as we do, you must like these Facebook groups and pages. Be a local cat hero today!


Cat Watchers

Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats

Source: Radh Eman

Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats is a public Facebook group about everything cat-related in Singapore. From asking others for advice to simply posting pictures of cute cats in Singapore, you can really feel the love that this group has for every feline in Singapore. This group is great for any budding cat parent to join!


Cats Of Ayer Rajah

Source: Cats Of Ayer Rajah

Can you believe that there is a whole page just to keep an eye out for cats in Ayer Rajah? It is called Cats Of Ayer Rajah. Get updates on the stray cats of Ayer Rajah from this lovely page! It will surely brighten your day as you watch the cats get fed. You can even donate food to them to help ensure that the neighbourhood cats are always fed!


Kitty Rescuers

Kitten Sanctuary Singapore

Source: Kitten Sanctuary Singapore

Kitten Sanctuary Singapore is the only neonatal Kitten Nursery and Kitten Kindergarten in Singapore. This non-profit organization rescues stray mummy cats and their kitten to ensure they get the proper treatment they needed. On their Facebook page, you can get updates on mummy cats and their growing kittens.

Since the group is mostly run by volunteers, you can actually donate to the group to help out! You might even consider adopting these adorable cats!


Singapore Missing Cats

Source: Sarah Dilworth

Help look for missing cats! Singapore Missing Cats is a Facebook group that helps cat owners look out for their missing cats. With a total of more than 4.2K members, the group is constantly reposting posters and pictures of missing cats. The group also look out for cats that might have accidentally run away.


Cat Adoption

Rescued Cats For Adoption

Source: Rescued Cats For Adoption

Rescued Cats For Adoptions gives abused cats a second chance at finding a new a loving home in Singapore. The cats featured on this page come from abuse, and hoarding cases in Singapore They are fully committed to ensuring these local cats are never abused again.

In order to adopt one of these cats, you would have to pass the adoption criteria, which includes a fully meshed house and owning your own house. There will also be a home visit and an adoption fee.


Adopt Rescued Kittens & Cats Singapore

Source: Samoona Poon

Find more cats up for adoption with Adopt Rescued Kittens & Cats Singapore! This group is dedicated to helping rescued cats in Singapore get adopted. You can often find them actively sharing posts for cats up for adoption. The group strongly encourage adopting from shelters, rescuers, and fosters instead of buying from unlicensed home breeders.


Technically, the people who keep these pages update can be considered cat heroes! Most of them are just volunteers and are funded by only donations. Their love and devotion for the stray cats in Singapore deserve to be admired and appreciated.

If you love cats as much as they do, why not follow these pages and groups for your daily cat updates. Be sure to also follow us on Facebook too!