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The Return of KFC Coupons


Look out, lovers of fried chicken! KFC coupons are back! Want some breakfast? They’ve got the coupons. Want to snack on some egg tarts? They’ve got the coupons.

Everybody in the house craving for some KFC? They’ve got the coupons! Enjoy a 10 piece chicken set, a 10 piece tenders set and 3 medium fries for only $29.95 instead of the usual $60!

Or maybe, you just want a meal for two? They also have a set of 2 Zingers and 2 cheese fries for $10.95 instead of the usual $20.30.

Worried you’ll still be hungry? How about the BBQ Pocket Sharing Feast, which comes with 2 medium fries, a 4 piece chicken set and 2 BBQ Pockets?

These offers are valid until 12 September so you have plenty of time to take advantage of… all of them.

Want more details? Head over to the KFC website now to grab some e-coupons.

What’s your favourite KFC meal? What coupons are you looking forward to claiming the most?