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The Saga Of 8 Crabs: Fresh Or Trash?

Credit: 8 Crabs / @myfarrahdise

It is any company’s worst nightmare: having the tide of public opinion turn against you. That’s what happened to seafood kitchen 8 Crabs, after they were caught deleting negative reviews left by dissatisfied customers. The company also blocked the customers who left the reviews, effectively cutting communication.

Unwilling to be silenced by 8 Crabs, the unhappy customers contacted Stomp and an article that detailed their sorrows followed.

Credit: screengrab from Facebook

The Saga

The reaction was swift.

A tide of angry comments followed on 8 Crabs’ social media pages, along with the company’s first Google reviews – all negative. 8 Crabs was also swift to respond, after all, trust in the company was at an all-time low and time was of the essence.

Credit: Screengrab from Facebook

In their statement, they acknowledged that what they did to silence customers was wrong. As 8 Crabs states, “The truth of the matter is that we did delete comments because we wanted to look good… There is no excuse for this.”

They also announced a permanent 1-for-1 Replacement Guarantee in line with their promise to “do better” and to “ensure that this does not happen again”.

Never Again

A look at 8 Crabs’ website shows that the brand is intent on getting back on track. Among the many, many promotions they are currently running, they also now have a page that goes over the details of their 1-for-1 Replacement Guarantee.

Credit: Screengrab from 8 Crabs’ website

This is covered in the latter part of 8 Crabs’ statement, although in there it is referred to as “1 for 1 plus free guarantee”.

Credit: Screengrab from Facebook

This replacement is meant for customers who have received sub-par crabs, which 8 Crabs defines as:

  • Mushy
  • Lack of meat with 50% empty space in shell
  • Shrunken claw with 50% empty space in shell
  • Sour in taste


Customers who are unfortunate enough to receive such crabs will be sent a replacement crab within the hour. Alternatively, they can also opt for a free crab voucher.

Do note, however, 8 Crabs’ terms and conditions, which require video and photo proof. For the latter, customers will have to arrange for delivery back to 8 Crabs’ kitchen for their team to verify the deficiency in taste.

In The End, Customers Will Decide

In summary, this is likely the best time to order from 8 Crabs.

This is especially true if you have a craving for scrumptious crabs. Whether it’s salted egg crabs, chili crabs or mala crabs, 8 Crabs has all of that on offer with markdowns up to 50%.

Credit: @mybeautycravings

Plus, not only are 8 Crabs on hyper alert for anything that could result in their next PR disaster. They were also incredibly responsive on WhatsApp when I messaged them to clarify the details of their 1-for-1 Replacement Guarantee.

In the end, the customers will decide if 8 Crabs can sustain their business going forward.

If they are truly sincerely sorry and raise their standards, aggrieved customers may eventually come around. If they are intent on being fully transparent and engage honestly with customers from now on, they may even win over new customers. Their business is after all, on the line.

Credit: Cartoon Network

In the end, the customers always win.

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