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These Stay-Home Wedding Proposals Will Make PM Lee Say 'Well Done'


After months of abiding by circuit breaker rules and cooping up at home, we’re finally at Phase 2! This may mean returning to the hum-drum of normal days; and for the most of us, the loosening of socialising measures means we can finally meet up with people we haven’t seen in awhile.

For lovebirds who struggled through not seeing one another, you made it! If distance has made your heart fonder and wedding bells have been ringing in your head, you must be going crazy… in love, I mean. Post-CB, many things have changed. The usual paktor spots may no longer work, and both your favourite F&B outlet may even have closed for good.


So how do you declare everlasting love to your better half and try to get them to say “I do”? Proposals need not be extravagant, but a little creative touch doesn’t hurt. So here are some tips guaranteed to sweep your girlfriend (or boyfriend!) off their feet!




Nothing is more romantic than proposing across the globe. If travelling is an unspoken rule between you and your beloved, consider bringing the destination into your home instead. When Covid-19 put a certain Luke McClong’s proposal plans on hold, he brought Paris to his home in Virginia by drawing the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe on a brick wall, transporting his girlfriend right to his hand-crafted City of Love.

While painting on a brick wall without a proper licensing is illegal in Singapore, you can definitely bring the wanderlust theme into your home. Swap up your house decor for a different look, such as this Parisian-themed room:



Back to Nature



Now that we’re allowed to mingle a little more, try a picnic proposal. The name may sound humble, but a picnic can be romantic and private. Look for a secluded space such as Chinese/Japanese Garden in Jurong, and whip up a good homemade meal for the mister or future miss us.


Don’t take out word for is. Check out this loving couple who has done just that, and it’s a resounding yes!



Zoom into a ‘Yes!’


If you think being cooped up at home is hard, couples who are in different parts of the world probably have it much worse. If your loved one is in another time zone and you feel the time is right, spring a surprise Zoom proposal on her! You’ll be forgiven for not using the traditional method due to the lack of options. Even better, coordinate with a friend or deliveryman to send her a ring right after you sprout that question.

Watch how this went for a couple in US:



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Pop The Ring


Made popular by Harry and Francesca from Too Hot To Handle (who sadly broke up very recently), ring pop proposals seem to have become a big hit. Ring-shopping can be difficult as most retailers were closed until today, so some have made do with a ring pop. And why not? The object in question is huge, sweet and cute. Just like these two:


Corona < My Love


While the coronavirus may have wrecked more than a few lives, it definitely can’t wreck your love. How about a Corona (the beer)-themed home proposal? You can squeeze in a few puns along the way. Check out how this couple did:



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Birthday Present


With little to no entertainment left outdoors, special occasions have now moved into domestic waters. If your baobei has an upcoming birthday, throw a surprise proposal in between. Ask her to leave the house for awhile or put her up with a movie to binge in the room, while you prep. She’ll probably suspect a birthday surprise, but proposal? None the wiser.


Masked Lover


This is a funny and simple way to say “Will you marry me?” Customise a face mask or draw the most-important-question-of-your-life onto a plain one. All you need to do is to don it on when the time is right. How sweet!



Treasure Hunt


“WANT TO BTO?” is a phrase containing 9 life-changing alphabets which all wedding-aged Singaporeans are familiar with. Plan a treasure hunt to lead your man or woman to these 9 letters, and finish off with a ring at the end. *Er hem* But our team at Spotted! thinks this method may not be the most romantic. Well, whichever works for you!

There you have it! What do you think of these unique proposal ideas? We’d love to hear it from you, so share it with us on Facebook and Instagram!