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Things We Are Looking Forward To During Phase 3

Source: Macau Photo Agency and Wan San Yip

We have gone several months transitioning from Circuit Breaker to Phase 1 and 2, and finally, we are going to reach Phase 3. Singaporeans have been looking forward to Phase 3 since April. Now that it is finally here, will it be different from what we imagined?

Going out in small groups and adhering to safety distancing measures has become the new normal in Singapore. Singaporeans have adjusted well to working from home and scanning QR codes wherever we go.

In Phase 3, we can now go out in groups of eight instead of five. Malls and attractions have increased their capacity from 50% to 65% and there is a possibility of having live concerts again. The change in Phase 3 might not seem significant but it could change the little things in our lives right now.


Sitting In One Table
Source: Jersey Shore

If you have a big family, going out to dinner means splitting into smaller groups or going to different restaurants. This is especially hard for those with families bigger than five in Singapore. You can’t share a conversation during dinner and might even feel separated.

Phase 3 might enable us to spend better time together with the social gathering limit increased to eight! This is just in time for end of year gatherings.  We can’t wait to have big family dinners again! However, the bigger the gathering size, the bigger the crowd.


Crowds Returning
Source: Macau Photo Agency

We are excited to be going out in bigger groups but crowds are not something we look forward to.

Phase 1 and 2 was a lovely treat to ride the MRT in the morning. With most people working from home, there are no crowds which means you can easily find seats most of the time. Lunchtime would also mean more places to eat with lesser waiting time to get to the table.

However, Phase 3 might change all that. As office restrictions are eased, there will be more people on the train, and we might have to readapt to being sardines in the morning again. Say goodbye to empty malls and hello to a longer waiting time while queueing up for restaurants.


The Sound of Live Music
Source: Marina Bay Sands

There were so many concerts canceled this year. Music lovers would definitely miss their going to concerts and enjoying live music. The recent Phase 3 announcement included resuming indoor live performances with up to 250 persons in zones of up to 50 persons.

Soon, we might be able to enjoy outdoor live performances! They are currently planning pilot programs for outdoor live performances that we might get to enjoy next year onwards.

If you miss live music right now, Back To Live this weekend at Marina Bay Sands. It is the biggest live music show in Singapore since Circuit Breaker. This is part of a Pre-Event Testing (PET) Pilot program funded by MOH. This concert might be the future of all concerts in Singapore during Covid-19.


Karaoke And Clubs
Source: The Swoon

We have all be excited to karaoke and hit the clubs since we were stuck at home for months! There are so many new songs released during the Covid-19 period that we can’t wait to sing and dance to. Despite the swab test beforehand, we can already predict the KTV and club slots being fully booked within a few hours.

It will probably involve a lot of us waiting by the phone and refreshing pages just to enter the club for a few short hours or sing a couple of songs. This kind of means there will still be a long wait but at least this time, there is a possibility of actually going to these places.


The New ‘New Normal’

There is the good and the bad to Phase 3 and so many things might still change. As Singapore adapts and readapts to changes, we are slowly getting used to living in the pandemic. It is something not to be taken lightly but we are always doing the best we can to continue living our normal lives.

As we move forward to Phase 3, we might soon realize that we have gotten too used to living within the safety distancing measures. It is exciting to see what other changes we will see in Singapore.