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Tips To Organise Your Bedroom


Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. We recharge, relax, get inspired and sometimes work in our bedrooms. After a hard day’s work, the last thing you would want to see is a cluttered and messy bedroom that needs some immediate cleaning. If you ever had, or still need to move things from your bed to the floor each night and put them back the next morning, you are not alone. We’ve been there.

There are many reasons why your bedroom is less than desirable. Although we are no Marie Kondo – we’ll highly recommend her show for some motivation – here are some organising tips to create a tidy and serene space you need to recharge.




In order to create more space, you would need to start throwing away some items in your room. As hard and unachievable it may sound, this is the most important step in creating a neater space. Put away everything that is out of place and then take a look what’s left and start clearing things out.

You may use the idea of how your items ‘spark joy’ to you, or one way I personally use is: ‘Have I used this in the past 1-2 years?’ If the answer is no, then it’s heading to the ‘recycle’ pile. Find a method that best suits you and your lifestyle.


Max out your wardrobe


The more items that are going into your closet or shelf, the less items are left in your main bedroom area, making it feel more spacious. If you have a table with drawers, store your stationeries and office items in it rather than leaving them lying on the table. Your wardrobe has some pretty good hiding areas to store knick-knacks and bags. Consider getting storage boxes to keep them neat and tidy as well.


Open that wardrobe


Talking about wardrobes, let’s delve into organising your clothing. Yes, no one is going to ransack your wardrobe and yes, your colleagues can’t see how messy it is inside during your Zoom meetings, but having an organisational system frees you from searching high and low for a specific outfit. Hang your tops and shirts in one area, the pants in another and home clothes in the drawer. You can further break down and categorise it into length, occasion or arrange it by colour!

If your goal is to organise and clean your room, start with the wardrobe because it is the easiest to get rid of clothes that don’t fit you anymore.


Label it


Once your items in your bedroom have been properly organised and packed neatly into drawers or storage boxes, it is time to give those categories a name! Labelling is easy and it goes a long way. You can simply write on a masking tape or print out beautiful labels for your things at home. When clearly labelled, it’s much easier to find out what you’re looking for when you need it… and remember to put them back in place when you’re done.