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Top 5 Regional Pocky Flavours You Had No Idea Existed

Credit: @shu55min, @inthemouthplease

Light, crispy toasted slices of bread. Sweet kaya. And a hearty helping of good strong Nanyang style Kopi-O. That’s a traditionally Singaporean breakfast, the likes of which has not changed for years. The number of coffee shops still offering this most classic of Singapore breakfast is a testament to its timeless appeal.

Japanese snack giant Pocky and Ya Kun Kaya Toast have partnered together to tap into that market. Now you can officially put the quintessential Singaporean breakfast in your bag and have it on the go.

That’s right – Kopi-O and Kaya flavoured Biscuit Sticks!

Now available at under $2 in selected Fairprice and Cheers outlets, as well as Ya Kun Kaya Toast outlets, you can indulge in your kaya or kopi craving anytime. Or if you want to buy a whole carton, perhaps to spread some Christmas joy at the office, it’s available for $19 at Lazada for 10.

Credit: @inthemouthplease

In the mood for dessert instead? How about the Cendol flavoured Pocky, originally a Malaysia exclusive but now available through third-party sellers on Lazada?

Credit: @xherlyn_ling

A fan of mango? How about Thailand’s Mango flavoured Pocky?

Credit: @snackreviewer

Or perhaps you’re a fan of Chicken Rice? Pretz, which has the same parent company as Pocky, has joined up with legendary Chicken Rice chain Wee Nam Kee, which first rose to stardom with its parent store in Novena.

More of a Chili Crab fan but don’t want to go through the hassle? Pretz has you covered.

Credit: @pibie

Whichever flavour you pick, know that you’ll be supporting a company that was first founded not as a snack conglomerate but as a health-focused food manufacturer. In fact, their objective in 1922 was “enhance health through food”. The founder, Mr. Ri-ichi Ezaki, founded Glico because he believed that glycogen extract (a by-product of Oysters) should be a part of everyone’s diet.

A Glico product from the old days | Credit: Glico

The reason for his fervent belief in the health benefits of glycogen extract? His typhus-ridden son’s turn for the better after having some glycogen-imbued food.

Though we can’t guarantee that these snacks will do your health any wonders, moderation is the key to enjoying any food. Don’t you think so? Let us know about your favourite Pocky or Pretz flavours on our Facebook page here.