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Top 5 Ugliest Pikachu Plushies Guaranteed To Give You Nightmares

Credit: u/eprocure, The Pokemon Company

Although the Pokémon franchise is officially a quarter of a century old this year, its popularity is far from waning. In 2019, The Washington Post revealed that the Japanese brand is the highest-grossing franchise of all time. The year prior, a giant Pikachu float glided over the streets of New York City during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

Credit: Popcrush

Here at home, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) harnessed the popularity of Pokémon to boost tourism. STB’s partnership with Niantic, Pokémon Go’s developer, led to 300 new Pokéstops and Gyms being added to the local Pokémon Go map.

Even Singapore’s older folks are entranced by the collectible “pocket monsters”, leading to sights like these on public transport:

Credit: u/wangmasterx

Unlike the early 2000s when bootleg Pokémon merchandise was mainly focused on Pokémon cards though, the bootleggers have moved onto plushies.

The results range from outright hilarious to just plain disturbing.

Let’s start from the milder end of the chart.

What’s Wrong With My Pikachu’s Mouth?

Credit: mikitzune

That vacant look? That’s 100% intentional. These are actually official products. The reason why Pikachu looks like this is because these are actually Ditto masquerading as Pikachu. According to Bulbapedia, Ditto can transform into any form, although it can’t quite change its face. The result is a recognisably Pikachu that is Pikachu-shaped with a face that’s slightly… off.

Another Ditto-Pikachu plushie | Credit: u/manicdelta

If you think Ditto-Pikachu is adorable, you’re in luck. Someone is selling a Ditto-Pikachu plushie on Carousell for just $28!

My Pikachu’s Not In Good Hands?

Credit: u/passiveflame

Pikachu has tiny little paws befitting that of a small to medium sized rodent. This Pikachu, unfortunately, has one hand that sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s like someone painted a mannequin’s hand yellow and glued it to the plushie. And what’s up with those googly eyes??

(Thankfully, this abomination does not appear to be on sale anywhere.)

My Pikachu Is Too Long?

Credit: AliExpress

Someone, somewhere in the world, decided to merge the aesthetic sensibilities of a centipede with Pikachu.

We don’t know who hurt them.

You can buy this monstrosity on AliExpress for $20.99 to $89.99 USD ($27.92 – $119.70 SGD), depending on the length you desire. Choose from 85cm to 1.5m.

Note: The 1.7m version is sold out because people are weird.

I Think My Pikachu Is Haunted?

Credit: Carousell

Although this Pikachu may look like it may be in need of an exorcism, it is actually an official product. Like Ditto, it is another Pokémon masquerading as Pikachu. While Ditto is a Normal type Pokémon, Mimikyu is a Ghost and Fairy type Pokémon

Nobody knows what Mimikyu actually looks like, since its true form is concealed underneath the cloth it fashions to look like Pikachu. The reason why it chose Pikachu as a disguise? Because Pikachu merchandise is popular and it thought that’d help it to blend in. Unfortunately, that just makes Mimikyu look creepier.

If Mimikyu’s story speaks to you, this Mimikyu plush on Carousell for can be yours for just $8.

My Pikachu Has Too Much Teeth.

Credit: u/eprocure

Even Nurse Joy won’t be able to fix this mess!

We don’t know what’s wrong with this smug-looking Pikachu, which looks like it’s perpetually laughing at a very dirty joke.

The good news is that this seems like a one-off, because we can’t find it anywhere else other than this Reddit thread.

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