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Top 7 Ways To Maximise Your Weekly Grocery Run And Save Some Money

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We’ve all been there – going on a grocery run with two things to get but leaving with a cart full of impulse buys instead. Mile-long receipts in damages are just a reminder that we lack self-discipline when confronted with endless choices of snacks, drinks and other temptations in our favourite supermarket.

So, if this you, then check out our top 7 ways to maximise your weekly grocery run and save some dollars while at it!


1. Making A Checklist

Some would say that going on a grocery run is a process that involves strategic planning and preparation. By preparing a checklist of things to buy, you’re able to identify the products you need and locate their respective aisles quickly.

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Supermarkets are designed so that essential products like paper towels, oil and rice are placed at the far ends. This means having to walk past long rows of snacks, instant noodles, drinks and more to get to your bag of short-grain rice.

Having a detailed list on hand means that you can finish shopping and leave quickly without falling prey to those alluring bags of gummy worms!


2. Do An Inventory Run Down At Home

It can be difficult to keep track of the products we have at home. More often than not, this leads to an overestimation of how much of an item we need, resulting in over-buying and food wastage.

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So before leaving for a grocery run, do a quick stock-take of all the items in your pantry and fridge. You can also snap a few photos for reference to refer to while browsing in the supermarket. This will help you estimate how much to buy, reducing any potential food wastage!


3. Venture Beyond What’s At Eye-Level

We’ve all missed out on deals accidentally when shopping because we grabbed the first product at eye-level on the shelves. This results in a lot of unnecessary spending and cringing at our final bill at the cashier.

Credit: @jay_coool

It’s a known fact that supermarkets place the most expensive products at eye-level on the shelves. This means that it’s time to venture past the jars of pasta sauce at eye-level and check out the products at the shelves’ very tops and bottoms!

So, no more being lazy! Unhand that $10 jar of pasta sauce and explore the more affordable variations instead!


4. Use A Basket Instead Of A Trolley

Using a basket instead of a trolley can dramatically reduce the temptation to pile on the purchases. With limited space, we’ll be more inclined to buy only what we need and avoid anything unnecessary!

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Plus, with every added item, the basket gets heavier and more difficult to lug around. If you’re a single pringle shopping for one, cut down the extra purchases and do your arms a huge favour!


5. Buy Frozen, Not Fresh

We are taught that fresh is always better than frozen. However, that is not always the case with fish. Fresh fish is significantly pricier, and we often see ourselves being charged exorbitant prices for a few fillets that will last only a week at most.

Credit: @chronologue

So when shopping for fish, it’s actually much wiser to opt for frozen fillets. Because most fish have to be flash-frozen on their journey to the supermarket anyway, you won’t see or taste a massive difference in the quality of your frozen fillets. Opt for frozen over fresh, and save money on your grocery run!


6. Keep An Eye Out For Discounts

If you find yourself massively overspending on your weekly grocery runs, then you may need to brush up on your discount-finding skills. When faced with endless options in the supermarket, it can be challenging to narrow down the countless options for the best deals.

Credit: @bubumaika

Keep a keen eye out for phrases like ‘Two-For-One’ or ‘Buy-One-Get-One-Free’ because this usually means a good discount is right around the corner. For essential goods like rice or toilet paper, opt to buy in bulk as it’s more affordable!


7. Don’t Be Shy, Use Those Discounts At The Checkout

When making your checklist for the grocery run, it’s helpful to check which cards to use for maximum savings! While we frown upon the kiasu auntie holding up the line as she pulls out her membership cards, she’s actually saving big bucks on her grocery run!

Credit: @fairpricesg

Not only will you save money, but you can also collect points to exchange for freebies! Plus, you’ll earn some brownie points in your ah ma’s books for your superb penny-pinching skills!

*Chinese word for Grandmother.


Staying Frugal On Your Grocery Runs

So say goodbye to the days of overspending in the supermarket with our guide to maximising your weekly grocery runs! With our handy tips and tricks, get the most bang for your buck at your favourite stores while keeping your homes and pantries well stocked!