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Top Tips To Help You Stay Productive During WFH v2.0

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As the new government restriction measures kick in, many of us may be looking at the next round of WFH from this week onwards. Although this is nothing new, some might still find it less productive working from home compared to going to the office.

Here are some good practices you can cultivate to still make your work-from-home a good experience.

1. Maintain Regular Work Hours

When working from home, it is extremely important to know how to balance your work and personal life. Setting an organised timeline of your working hours can prevent you from burning out quickly!

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Avoid sleeping in or watching your favourite show on Netflix during your working hours to prevent distractions! You can set a routine to wake up an hour earlier to pump in a session of workout to start the day right. It can be something light like yoga or simply brisk walking around your hood.

2. Take Regular Breaks

Being around your work space area for extended periods of time may leave you drained, both mentally and physically. Some of us may even feel ill! Clear your mind by taking intermittent breaks – it can be walking to your fridge to get a bowl of fruits to snack on or looking out of your window. This can help to reduce stress which in turns improve your productivity during your work hours.

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3. Change out of your Pajamas!

Changing out of your PJs could make you more productive by gearing you up for the day’s challenges. Moreover, when you put in the effort to dress up, you will feel good. You will never know when your boss calls in for a Zoom meeting and you sure do not want him/her to see you in your unmentionables or whatever you sleep in!

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4. Have a Conducive Environment

Find a corner in your room that you feel is the most conducive for you. Make sure that you do not have any distractions. Having a comfortable chair might give you a boost to make yourself feel comfortable when working.

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However, if you feel that you are unable to be productive at home, you can now find working pods peppered around the island. We highly recommend Switch booths, which are cute little workspaces equipped with all you need for a productive day of work. They are located conveniently in commercial spaces and malls which means you don’t have to go far for a bite or a bubble tea break! Their prices go from $3.60 for an hour’s usage – less than $30 for an entire’s day use, making it one of the cheapest work pods we can find in Singapore!

5. Keep a ‘to-do ‘ list

With no managers to keep your work in check, you will need to exercise some pretty strong self-discipline. Keeping a ‘to-do’ list is important to keep track of your assignments for the day and week. This allows you to stay motivated and feel accomplished at the end of the day knowing that you have completed all your tasks.

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From all of us Spotted! Media, here’s to a happy WFH v2.0!