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Unique Instagram Shops You May Not Know


Physical stores or online retailers are not the only options for our Gen Zs these days. Instagram shops are the go-to to find a piece of apparel or accessory which resonates with our sense of individuality.

In fact, some youths have utilised this social media platform to build a brand that is set apart. Their concepts are like no other. Let us fill you in on some low-key brands which could use more hype.


Wisteria Things

Think about Winx Club, Barbie, or The Sailor Moon — the vibes this brand gives off are simply ethereal and whimsical. The shop’s page is filled with pastel hues and pop-culture visuals from our childhood. Channel your inner fairy with her wonderful creations.



Sad Shrimps

Ka-ka-ka-kawaii! Contrary to its name, the vibrance radiated off each lovingly handmade product is off the wall. Their wacky creations are made with passion and an artistic vision by Natasha Elle, a Singaporean creative based in Japan. She translates each of her visual ideas into multiple forms — earrings, prints, bags and even temporary tattoos!

Don’t the bright colours put you in a happy-go-lucky mood?

Website | Instagram


Winnie Yippie

With a number of art installations under her belt, this visual artist is pushing the border by letting her creativity flow through her brand as well. From mock ears, to even a vibrator? (I am not kidding.) Her shop which first started out selling unimaginable earrings has broadened to a greater variety of products – I can imagine adorning one of her accessories to a music festival or an indie-rock concert!

Website | Instagram


Mama Store

What a name for a brand which sells vintage and thrifted clothing! This store levels up the thrifting game with their studio-shot apparel. The marketing effort is definitely an A-plus! Managed by a group of dedicated students, this passion project of theirs hopes to progress into a cafe with a boutique in the future. If you’re a Harley Davidson T-shirt collector or simply an old soul for fashion, follow their Instagram page or Telegram group for updates on the latest drops!

Website | Instagram | Telegram



This brand right here is clear cut in their vision and mission. Many Instagram shops in the thrifting community share about the importance of Sustainability. Besides looking like the cool kid in town, more youths are conscious about the impact of their consumption habits.

The thing is, THREADLIGHTLY breaks it down further for us! They have three lines of apparel – Rework, Rehome, Reclaim. The ‘Rework’ line presents items which have been upcycled from used clothing and textile! To add on, they receive donations from the public which will contribute to their ‘Rehome’ line. However, here’s the catch: the brand does not receive any fast fashion items even if they are brand new! They are firm on their stance of discontinuing the fast fashion cycle. How about the unpicked donations you might ask? The owners will send them over to a textile centre so nothing ever goes to waste! Lastly, the ‘Reclaim’ line is for all you vintage clothing connoisseurs. A curation of premium pieces priced from $25-$120.

Lucky for you, they have a physical store at Queensway Shopping Centre so do drop by if you’re interested.

Location: 1 Queensway, 02-22, Queensway Shopping Centre

Opening Hours: 11am-8:30pm, Mon-Sun