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Unlock Your Childhood Memories With These Kids Central Shows

Screenshot from Sitting In Pictures, Whizzes Of The Void Deck and Ken Lyen, School House Rockz

Most of us grew up watching Kids Central. During the time when having cable TV and the internet was seen as a luxury, we would wake up very early during the weekend just to watch our favourite TV shows. Unlock the memories you forgot about with these nostalgic kids’ TV shows!

There are hardly traces of Kids Central since it has been replaced by OKTO. Now, you probably only remember bits and pieces of your old favorite TV shows but somehow, cannot seem to remember the names.

Let’s reawaken those memories with some snippets from the shows! Do take note that these snippets are from the early 2000s and may not have the best quality.


We Are R.E.M

If you were obsessed with Totally Spies and Codename: Kids Next Door, you were probably watching We Are R.E.M too! The series aired between 2003 – 2008. It revolves around three students, Rachel, E-Ching, and Mo, who goes around solving mysteries. This action-packed show with great elements of girl power and friendship definitely deserves a reboot!


Whizzes Of The Void Deck

Cool science facts and friendship! That is the major theme of Whizzes Of The Void Deck. This tv series showed kids easy experiments that they can try out using everyday items at home. They even had a cool hideout where they learn and explain cool science facts. The experiments would probably still be fun to do as adults.


Looking For Nathanial

Do you have a faint memory of a girl living in a children’s home who is always up to mischief? That show is Looking For Nathaniel. There are certain episodes in the show where it delves deeper into the woes of the kids living in the children’s home. Overall, the show talks about the power of friendship that can help overcome anything, including the children home’s bully!


Kids Rock

Everyone wanted to be in a band during the early 2000s. Kids Rock is a show about a rock band made up of three kids. One of the problems the band faces in the show is Shanice, the band’s bassist, not being able to pursue music because of her stepmom. If you were obsessed with this show when you were younger, you probably listen to a lot of rock music growing up.


School House Rockz

School House Rockz is the Singaporean version of High School Musical. The show revolves around a group of students navigating their way through school while breaking out into song and dance every now and then. Those who watch this show growing up probably tried to follow the dance in their living when no one is watching.


Where To Watch Them?
Source: National Library Board Singapore

Unfortunately, none of these shows are available online for now. However, you can still watch them at the library. According to Reddit user skatyboy, you can go to the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library’s Singapore Collection at level 11 to view their audio-visual collection from old Mediacorp shows. It is located in rows 21 to 25.

You are not able to borrow or make a copy of the tv shows but you can watch the tapes in the viewing room in the library. If the show you are looking for is not on the shelves, you might need to ask a librarian to loan it out in the future as they are most likely at an offsite location.


Head to the library or scour YouTube for more snippets of your nostalgic childhood tv shows. It would be great if they can make these tv shows available on Toggle, Mewatch, or even Netflix. The best would definitely be if they reboot these shows on Channel 5 so we can continue watching them as adults.