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Unusual Last-Minute Gifts For Your Valentine

Credit: Cat Socrates, @couple_images

With V-Day fast approaching, you might be scratching your head thinking what to get your beau. No matter if you’ve been together for 10 weeks or 10 years, it’s always nice to let them know they are appreciated.

A gift is the perfect way to let them know they’ve been on your mind.

For couples that love to nua (laze about) together:

Credit: Cat Socrates

A card with a handwritten message is a cost-effective and often maligned solution to your gift dilemma. If you’re worried that it will make you look cheap, mix things up!

Gift both a card and a home-cooked meal.

The Texas Style Platter | Credit: Mise En Place

You don’t even need to worry about recipes or long queues at the supermarket. Simply sign up for one week’s subscription to Mise En Place’s meal kit service for two for just $32! That’s 2 meals for 2 people for $32.

Price: $6.60 (card available at Cat Socrates)

Price: $32.00 (2 meals for 2 by Mise En Place)

Total Damage: $38.60

Click here to order the card and here to order the meals (via DM)

For Activity-Based Couples Who Love Retro Vibes

Credit: Cat Socrates

Put two hipsters together and they’ll likely go café-hopping during V-Day, as well as wandering the back alleys for Instagram-worthy shots. But with the pandemic, café-hopping is not the carefree activity it once was.

With this Chinatown Shophouse Puzzle though, you’ll get to stay home and stay safe as you indulge your mind and your senses.

Price: $21.30

+ $5 shipping

Total Damage: $26.30

Click here to get the Chinatown Shophouse Wooden Puzzle


For Hot-Headed Couples

Credit: Ameba

If your relationship with your significant other is passionate, so passionate that the room heats up when both of you are upset at each other, consider couples therapy. But also, consider this scaled-down punching bag that’s also easy to mount on the table.

Price: $22.90

Shipping for orders above $20 are free!

Total Damage: $22.90

Click here to buy The World’s Smallest Punching Bag


For Lovers of Fast Food

Credit: Kattoe Design

If you and your bae met at a fast food restaurant or if you both are constantly craving fast food, this will make the perfect gift. Whether you’re into food served under the golden arches, Southern Fried Chicken or the masters of coke floats and curly fries… This adorable gift from Kattoe Design is sure to warm the heart of your beloved.

Price: $23.00

+ $3.20 shipping

Total Damage: $26.20

Click here to buy Fast Food Drawstring Bag from Kattoe


For The Blurrer Half

Credit: area65, Red Republic

Are you your boo’s human GPS because they unfailingly lose their way each time they have to go to some place new? Is your significant other’s head often in the clouds? Tell them how much you love being their lighthouse with this cheeky Blur Sotong pin from area65.

Price: $12.90

+ $3.50 shipping

Total Damage: $16.40

Click here to buy the Blur Sotong pin

Credit: @couple_images

As you can see, Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet. Now you can get your shopping done so all that’s left to look is to look forward to 14 February!

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