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Up Your Fitness Game With VF Fitness 

Credit: VF Fitness

The Lunar New Year is over, and with that ends the non-stop snacking on high-calorie goodies and the indulgence in sugary sweet fizzy drinks. Gone are the hotpots, sumptuous feasts and desserts – all that’s left is an unfulfilled New Year’s resolution to get in shape in 2021.

If this sounds familiar, then it could be your sign to up your fitness game with VF Fitness! Say goodbye to monotonous exercises and try your hand at fat-burning Boxing, Muay-Thai, Strength and Conditioning classes instead!



What Is VF Fitness?

VF Fitness is a martial arts school offering a wide array of classes tailored to people keen on kickstarting a healthier lifestyle. Suitable for all fitness levels, you can choose from Boxing, Muay Thai or Strength and Conditioning classes, depending on your interests. Plus, kids can join in on the fun with the Kids Muay Thai class!

Credit: VF Fitness



Our Experience

Upon stepping foot into the VF Fitness gymnasium, we were taken aback at how spacious the facility was! There were rows of punching bags, a section with weights for strength training, and to top it off, a large boxing ring sitting majestically in the middle of the gymnasium. The area was well ventilated and fully furnished, with safety padding on the floor and walls.

Credit: VF Fitness

Safe to say, we were extremely impressed. We opted for the boxing class with Coach Adnan, and our first task of the day was to put on the hand wraps and boxing gloves. Being noobs to boxing meant we struggled and required assistance. The coaches patiently guided us in wrapping our hands properly while explaining the reason for every specific twist and turn of the fabric – making sure our hands would be well protected while boxing.

Credit: Marcus Heng

To kick off the class, Coach Adnan had us adopt the basic boxing stance and learn the three basic punches used in boxing: the jab, cross and hook. He would demonstrate the proper way to execute each punch first before encouraging us to learn the appropriate way to pivot our feet or twist our hips.

Credit: Marcus Heng

While training with the punching bags, Coach Adnan quickly advised us to punch gently and place more focus on perfecting our technique to minimise injury since we were new. Of course, it wasn’t long before we complained of sore knuckles, so we were promptly granted a break. We were well cared for, with the attentive coaches continually checking in to make sure we were doing okay!

After getting familiar with the punching bags, Coach Adnan had us try out pad work. It entailed a simulation of a real spar and had us sweating profusely in the first 5 minutes! Learning and memorising the different punch combinations was tricky. Still, our coach was motivating and brought us through the pad work slowly, helping us gradually build up punching speed.

Credit: VF Fitness

In between pad work and working on the punching bags came conditioning, and we could feel ourselves sweating off our calories with each set of pushups and squats. Yet despite our screaming muscles, we found ourselves smiling from ear-to-ear!

In a short time, we managed to squeeze in the basics of boxing, sparring and conditioning. We also had our fill of laughs at our many ‘fails’ during the session, thanks to the encouraging coaches who made sure we enjoyed the class!

Credit: Marcus Heng

Another great thing is VF Fitness’s in-house showers at the gymnasium, which are open for use to freshen up after a challenging class. Apart from showers, VF Fitness also has an abundance of lockers for visitors to stow their items. We also made sure to check out their chill-out area, a serene spot to relax while waiting for class to start!

Image: Lockers | Credit: Marcus Heng
Image: Chill-Out Area | Credit: Marcus Heng


Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

If you’re keen on trying out any of the classes at VF Fitness, we’ve got you covered! Use the code ‘VFXSPOTTED’ on the VF Fitness app for one free boxing class*!

Plus, stand a chance to be one of 10 lucky winners to receive one week of unlimited classes for free! All you need to do is head over to our Facebook page and keep an eye out for the full video coming very soon!

*The promotional code is valid until 26 March 2021.



Overall Impressions

Overall, our experience at VF Fitness was highly positive! The lessons are well structured, straightforward and easy to follow, even for beginners. The coaches are incredibly knowledgeable and attentive and make sure that all their students are well cared for. Plus, the session is extremely high energy and is sure to get your blood pumping – the perfect way to burn off all those pineapple tarts. An in-house shower facility also makes for the ultimate convenience factor so that you can leave feeling refreshed and clean! So what’re you waiting for? Book your experience now!

Address: Allenby House, 298 Jalan Besar, Level 4, 208959

Opening Hours: 12 PM – 10 PM (Monday – Friday) | 10 AM – 5 PM (Saturday – Sunday)

Website: VF Fitness

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram