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Upgrade Your Disney+ Viewing Experience With The PRISM+ Q55-QE

Credit: Marcus Heng

With Disney+ slowly but surely becoming the number one must-have streaming platform in Singapore, it is safe to say that having a quality TV set up at home is crucial. From gripping thrillers to tear-jerking films, movie night is a time for family bonding and quality time spent in the comfort of our humble abodes.

So, if you’re on the search for a high-performing, reliable TV to upgrade your home set up, look no further. From PRISM+ comes the Q55-QE, the 4K Android TV sure to level up your Disney+ viewing experience!


Unboxing The TV

With any electronic purchase, the assembling stage comes with a bout of dread. With a multitude of cables and incoherent instruction manuals, trying to put together a TV requires some tech-savviness. Thankfully, with the Q55-QE, fumbling with accessories is a thing of the past!

Credit: Marcus Heng

The assembling process was smooth and problem-free, with the easy-to-understand user guide allowing us to breeze through getting the TV ready for use. The necessary cables and accessories were packed neatly, allowing us to find the parts we needed while setting up the TV.


Initial Impressions

Upon closer inspection, we noted that the PRISM+ Q55-QE comes with two handy HDMI ports, which means you’ll be able to hook up other devices like your laptop for screen-casting! Also, the PRISM+ Q55-QE is an android TV, and comes with pre-installed applications like Netflix, YouTube, Google Playstore and more – meaning you get the most out of your TV in addition to regular cable channels!

Credit: Marcus Heng

The PRISM+ Q55-QE also has ultra slim screen bezels, which is ideal for any living room as it is not obstructive. The design is very sleek and compact, making it a good fit for even the cosiest of common spaces!

Credit: Marcus Heng


User Experience

When turning on the PRISM+ Q55-QE, we were keen to try out our new Disney+ subscriptions. We’re glad to report that the experience surpassed all our expectations! We also had to watch one BTS music video because, well, why not! The boys never looked so good, what with the PRISM+ Q55-QE’s 3840 x 2160p resolution. The images were exceedingly vivid and high-contrast, and extremely satisfying to look at.

Credit: Marcus Heng

Also, the PRISM+ Q55-QE’s 60Hz refresh rate meant the images flowed without any glitches, rendering us in awe at how smooth the display was. You’ll never have to worry about experiencing interruptions while binging The Mandalorian or Winter Soldier ever again (#priorities)!

With an active HDR10 and a Quantum IPS panel, you can also share the viewing pleasure with as many people as you like while enjoying the best movie-viewing experience. Did we also mention the PRISM+ Q55-QE’s Quantum Edition colours makes for a jaw-dropping colour story on screen? It’s a premium feature that is exceedingly rare in TV’s priced so affordably – putting the PRISM+ Q55-QE a notch above its competitors and allowing you to get the most bang for your buck!

Credit: Marcus Heng

In addition to the top-notch display, the PRISM+ Q55-QE also grants users a lot of freedom. You can adjust the TV’s settings according to your preferences, set a screensaver and even connect a Bluetooth keyboard if you want to. Super shiok if you ask us!

Credit: Marcus Heng


Overall Impressions

All in all, we had a remarkable experience with the PRISM+ Q55-QE. It’s a reliable, high-performing 4K Android TV that is sure to complement any home set up. Whether you’re putting that Disney+ subscription to good use or binge-watching your favourite National Geographic documentaries, the PRISM+ Q55-QE is sure to deliver a top-notch viewing experience!

Complete with an unparalleled user experience, the PRISM+ Q55-QE is truly any Singaporean’s must-have TV. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your home set up, opt for the PRISM+ Q55-QE!