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Upgrade Your WFH Experience with PRISM+

Credit: Marcus Heng

With the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home has become the new norm. But working from home also comes its own slew of challenges: slow WiFi, unresponsive computers and low-quality monitor displays. What most of us need is to upgrade our home set-up. But that also means choosing the right tools to help us get our work done.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your work-from-home experience on a budget, we have the solution for you! With the PRISM+ U270 Pro monitors and Arc Stealth Duo monitor arm, your work-from-home experience will never be the same!


Initial Impressions 

Upon unboxing the PRISM+ U270 Pro monitors, we were first struck by how light and compact they were. The monitors had notably slim screen bezels, ideal for our multiple monitor set-up required when editing videos and multi-tasking! The result is a seamless working experience that left us feeling very shiok*.

*Singlish word to describe a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction.

Credit: Marcus Heng

The PRISM+ U270 Pro monitors also have an extremely sleek design, and the all-black finish makes for a minimalistic appearance. It’s a classic design that anyone would love having at home!



We tackled the Arc Stealth Duo monitor arm first. Installation was a breeze! The instructions provided were concise and guided us in setting up the arm and mounting the PRISM+ U270 Pro monitors accordingly.

Credit: Marcus Heng

Being the paranoid Singaporeans we are, we were initially apprehensive about the Arc Stealth Duo supporting the PRISM+ U270 Pro monitor’s weight. But we are pleased to announce that the monitor arm was indeed remarkably secure and that no monitors were harmed during the process!

Next, when it came to setting up the monitors, we did expect some level of struggle and difficulty. The abundance of cables, plugs and accessories can seem daunting to some.

Credit: Marcus Heng

So it’s safe to say we were highly impressed at how straightforward it was to get the monitors ready for use. Fussing over a mess of cables is a thing of the past because the PRISM+ U270 Pro models come with a cable management feature. This allows you to sort and separate your cables efficiently to prevent an eyesore.


User Experience

When using the monitors, we were pleased by how bright and vivid the display was. With a resolution of 2560 x 1440p, the PRISM+ U270 Pro’s display is one that’s high-contrast, saturated and extremely striking. Besides being high-definition, the display is also exceedingly clear – allowing us to work comfortably even in low-light environments.

Credit: Marcus Heng

Plus, say goodbye to slow, unresponsive displays! The monitors are equipped with a refresh rate of 75Hz, which means that the monitor is fast and responsive. You will be able to edit videos, play video games or draft a Powerpoint presentation with ease!

The Arc Stealth Duo also provided us with a wide range of motion, allowing us to tilt, swivel and even rotate our monitors however we needed. This was an extremely handy feature that allowed us a lot of freedom – no more contorting into weird positions while working or attempting to stack books to create makeshift stands for our monitors!


Upgrade Your WFH Experience

Use the code <spotted20> during checkout to get $20 off every minimum $250 spent on monitor purchases! This promotion is valid until 14 March, so upgrade your WFH setup with PRISM+ now!

Website: www.prismplus.sg/spottedsg


Overall Impressions

Overall, our experience with the PRISM+ U270 Pro monitors and Arc Stealth Duo monitor arm was remarkably positive. With the array of attractive qualities, the PRISM+ U270 monitors and Arc Stealth Duo are ideal to use for both business and leisure.

You can do anything from graphic design, playing Call Of Duty with your friends to drafting up your latest essay! It’s definitely a good choice for anybody looking for an affordable and high-performing monitor and monitor arm to upgrade your home set-up!