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Viral Memes That Defined Singapore In 2020

Credit: @blurfoodie, Straits Times

2020 shook everything up. A face mask went from a recommendation to a necessity. The lines between home and office became increasingly blurred, as working-from-home became more and more commonplace. As Singaporeans spent more time at home, they got down to making memes as a response to current events.

Here are some of 2020’s best.

Essential VS Non-Essential Jobs

Credit: Straits Times

Context: It was the beginning of the end of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker. It was the first time many Singaporeans saw wild, untamed grass with wildflowers all along the sidewalks, even in previously trim and neat HDB estates.

This was the result of all non-essential services had been suspended during the Circuit Breaker.

Credit: Jacob Tan

As some Singaporeans went to work as usual, in essential services related to healthcare, transport and more, the rest of us grappled what just what that meant.

What made someone’s job essential?

A survey was commissioned by The Sunday Times to answer this question in June. Out of a randomised list of 20 different jobs, Singaporeans were asked to pick the top 5 most essential and most non-essential jobs.

Credit: Screenshot from Twitter

We feel sorry for the artist who had to create this image.

DORSCON Chart Still Says Orange

Credit: u/beyondthesprawl

Context: Do you still remember the DORSCON chart? And the panic that ensued when it went from yellow to orange? That was in February, when new cases were popping up at rate of 2 – 9 each day. When new cases of COVID-19 shot up to 4 digits daily in April, the DORSCON level stayed the same.

Netizens joked that it would never go to red, in case pandemonium broke out at supermarkets all over the island.

Instead, there would be different levels of orange.

Camoupuffs by Old Chang Kee

Credit: @thedeadcockroach1

On SAF Day in July, Old Chang Kee launched a very special curry puff which was camouflage-themed. It was, of course, to honour our national servicemen and all the regulars who serve with the Singapore Armed Forces.

The look of the curry puff, or Camou Curry Puffs as they called them, drew much attention and it quickly went viral.

Fairprice Becomes The #1 App In Singapore

Credit: Reddit

Context: A new king was crowned the most-used app in Singapore when the Circuit Breaker came into effect.

Fairprice NTUC.

While Singaporeans may be able to keep their bodies at home, they cannot stop their minds from wandering to the supermarket. This means more home deliveries and less content for TikTok.

Note: Some of the other apps that topped the charts include the Channel News Asia app, the Shopee app and the Telegram app.

Singapore’s Lo-Fi Girl

Credit: u/lester6793

The Lo-Fi Girl is a friend to all, especially students or anybody who finds that having some low-key music in the background helps them to concentrate. All you have to do is go on Youtube and type Lo-Fi radio and you’d find her.

As a result of her surging popularity, artists from a number of countries tried to recreate the Lo-Fi Girl in their own country’s image.

How do you like Singapore’s very own?

That Bird That Wakes You Every Morning

Credit: u/whitemirrorsociety

Context:  UwU means two things. It can be an emoji depicting a content expression in a cutesy anime style.

The other meaning of UwU is to emulate the call of the Asian Koel, a cuckoo bird that gets particularly loud in the mornings. If you don’t recognise the bird, you will surely recognise its call.

Goodbye, SafeEntry?

Finally, we have that other thing that’s been hanging over us during 2020: SafeEntry.

Credit: u/thattragedy

Looks like u/thattragedy might get his wish.

Soon, SafeEntry will be replaced with TraceTogether app and the TraceTogether token, the former of which has been on the top of everybody’s minds lately.

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