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Visit Gardens By The Bay This Mid-Autumn Festival


This Mid-Autumn Festival will take place during a pandemic so naturally it will be a little different. There will be less people about and this year’s gathering might not be as raucous as those of yesteryear. But that’s no reason for not making good memories during a day that only come about once a year

For this year’s unique circumstances, Gardens By The Bay has set up their Mid-Autumn Festival celebration to be “a mix of onsite and online offerings”, that will take place from 18 September to 4 October. All admission is free!

Koreanophiles will no doubt already know that Chuseok, or Korean Thanksgiving Day, also takes place during this time period. In conjunction with the Korean Tourism Organization, Gardens By The Bay is putting up a special set of lanterns depicting a royal procession of the king and queen in the early Joseon Dynasty. The same installation, which is titled The Royal Family’s Walk was first shown at the Seoul Lantern Festival 2019.

Festival goers can also enter The Apricot Grove, another lantern-based installation which is inspired by Dong Feng, a famed physician from the Three Kingdoms era of China. Famous for refusing payment, he would advise patients to plant an apricot seed in exchange instead – or five if they have been completely cured. The forest of apricot trees that rose around his clinic came to represent his great skill.

Festival goers who don’t want to stop the celebration when they get home can also log onto Gardens By The Bay’s website. Learn how to make snowskin mooncakes and impress your friends, take part in a lantern quiz or download line drawings of The Apricot Grove to colour in! All of this content is online now. There are even musical and dance performances to catch here on Gardens By The Bay’s Facebook page.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, stay home if you have to but don’t feel left out! You can still take part in Gardens By The Bay’s events online. Also help to clue your elderly friends and relatives in on the happenings so they can join in. Just because it may not be easy for them to be out and about doesn’t mean they have to excluded. Wondering what else is on Gardens By The Bay’s full line-up of events? You can see them here.

If you’d like to see behind the curtain and take a peek at how some of these installations were put up, watch Garden By The Bay’s behind-the-scenes video here.