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Visit Otah And Friends With Your Family This Holiday Season

Credit: @otahandfriends, @celine_tan_

Local collective El Masnou seems to have a thing for turning what Singaporeans love into an attraction that’s designed for tickling all of your five senses. Like their Bubble Tea Factory, Otah and Friends is centered on a Singapore favourite: those loveable but naughty, naughty otters.

(For those not in the loop, the otters are accused of feasting on $80,000 worth of koi fish – as well as all of former actress Jazreel Low’s fish, including her 13 year old arowana, Ah Huat.)

Credit: @otahandfriends

From 15 December to 26 February, you can visit Otah the Otter’s colourful and whimsical home, which is located at The Gardens By The Bay. Think of it as a holiday in a capsule, a trip away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore you can take without ever getting on a plane.

The Otah and Friends experience will last about 45 minutes and El Masnou recommends all of Otah’s pals to come 10 minutes early.

First, you’ll get a 15 minute pre-show, sort of like an introduction to the otter-verse. The upcoming game with its rules will be explained to you.

Credit: @timeoutsg

That game? A hide-and-seek session with Otah himself. You’re encouraged to interact with your surroundings. Can Otah fit inside the washing machine? Maybe, he’s behind that window? You are also encouraged to take lots of photos. If your ‘gram is looking a little sad these days, let Otah and Friends help you give your account some extra oomph!

Finally, you’ll be served cookies made by none other than homegrown Insta-sensation Whiskdom! Soft, gooey and full of chocolatey goodness, you’ll also get lemonade on the side to polish off those well-earned calories.

Credit: @whiskdom

You can bring up to 4 other people with you as your group combs Otah’s home, which is about double the size of a 5-bedroom flat. You’ll be given 15 minutes to look for Otah!

Open daily from 9am – 6pm, tickets are $15 per person for a minimum of 2 tickets. Want a private experience? There’s a discount if you buy 5 tickets, at $12 per person.

Parents, please note: although there is no age limit, the location is not set up to accommodate strollers, so plan accordingly!

Credit: @otahandfriends

You can book tickets for Otter and Friends here. For more of the latest happenings around Singapore, follow our Facebook page here.