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Wanted In Singapore: MOS Burger Japan's Mac N' Cheese Burger

Credit: @i_am_asami1212, @sat0ru_17

According to an survey done in 2020 in Japan among Japanese aged 15 – 50, 88% of Japanese people have not heard of Mac N’ Cheese. This is extremely surprising news coming from the land of yoshoku, or Western food reinvented in Japan. If you’ve ever had Omu Rice or Japanese style croquettes, you’ve had yoshoku.

This intriguing statistic is also part of MOS Burger Japan’s marketing copy for their brand new Mac N’ Cheese Burger.

Credit: MOS Burger Japan

Mac N’ Cheese With Croquette

Launched earlier this month in Japan, the burger looks like a dream.

The product description, provided by MOS Burger though, is a little confusing.

Credit: @i_am_asami1212

Firstly, let’s talk about what you get if you were to teleport to Japan and order it right now. Two lightly grilled buns. A Japanese style croquette with a smidgen of diced vegetables inside. Fresh, crunchy lettuce. And of course, the macaroni and cheese itself.

Japanese croquettes | Credit: @jasntru

MOS Burger also openly discloses their secret ingredients on their website. Which is like going to your significant other and telling them you have a surprise for them. And then proceeding to tell them when it will be delivered and what they will find once they open the package.

Anyway, the secret ingredients, according to MOS Burger, is bonito flakes, Nanko plums and “meat sauce”.

Dance of the Bonito Flakes | Credit: @michael_koenig699

Although the idea of any kind of mystery meat sauce is a trifle disconcerting, I have faith in MOS Burger. As a fan of Japanese food and MOS Burger in general, I would very much like to try this burger. It also helps that I love bonito flakes. I can’t say I have the same enthusiasm when it comes to plums, however.

Credit: @tokyo.wonderland

The Mac N’ Cheese Burger costs 436 Yen, which is about $5.43 SGD.

Coming Soon Only In Japan

To everybody’s surprise, MOS Burger’s first batch of sliced bread was launched yesterday. Although they won’t be in Mos Burger outlets until 12 March, you can pre-order them instead. They are advertising it as “bread that is so good, you won’t need butter”.

Credit: MOS Burger Japan

Each loaf costs 600 Yen, or $7.46 SGD.

We hope MOS Burger Singapore will consider introducing the Mac N’ Cheese Burger to Singaporeans as well. Although I imagine that considerably more of us would’ve heard of Mac N’ Cheese, I think that only increases the appeal because who doesn’t love that stuff?