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Weird Things Found On Carousell


Have you ever found yourself in a niche so deep that you couldn’t believe it actually exists? Well, it actually does and it’s not just in YouTube. Carousell has its fair share of weird and borderline creepy listings, accumulated throughout the years since its debut. We dipped our virtual toes into the weird side of carousell, here’s a few listings that amused and creeped us.


Assorted Used Bra


Starting off light with a supplier listing, an assortment of used bra for sale. For your choosing, a buffet of lingerie. Pre-loved, on a rack for the listing. Both the ingenuity and slight appalling factor lands this listing here.


Fake Butt Cheeks


Getting a little bit deeper into this rabbit hole, who knew you could get your butts a lift? This particular listing gives a range of sizes and type, an inclusive array for many people’s needs. Quite dank, but rather interesting.


Face Fortune Telling


We’re in deeper waters now. Face reading isn’t a foreign concept locally, especially with our older generation family and friends. But it seems such a niche market has taken on the digital scape for a better outreach, beside tarot cards reading listings.


Love Ritual


Now it’s downright creepy, from the image to the concise description of ‘love ritual’ of the listing. Anything that’s called a ritual should set off big red flags in our heads, and quickly back away from.


Special Number Notes


Stamp collecting and foreign currencies are known collectors’ hobby. Though who knew if you had a unique serial number on your $10 notes, you could sell it off to a fanatic for way more than its value. An unexpected niche that comes through like a subtle curve-ball.