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What NOT to get your Boss & Coworkers for Christmas

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Office Christmas parties can be an awkward affair. It is that time of the year again when everything is on sale and yet, you just do not know what to get as gifts. Gift-giving may become a stressful decision when you have to figure out the perfect gift for someone, especially if that person is your boss.

Being a Secret Santa in the office is not as easy as the jolly rose-cheeked Santa makes it out to be. One wrong gift and you land yourself in an embarrassing situation in front of all your coworkers and boss.

In fact, some items should never be gifted to anyone. What you think might be useful can actually just be plain rude. Avoid the unpleasant glances and side-eyes from your coworkers when they unwrap your gift.


The Gift Your Coworker Gave You Last Christmas

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Let’s be honest, sometimes we don’t use the gifts we get. It’s still new in the box you got it last Christmas. It is such a waste of space to keep and you definitely do not need it.

Giving it away would not be such a bad idea. However, it is a bad idea if you got it from the office and you plan on giving it to another coworker. In the same office. While the person who gave it to you watches. That’s just stirring up some office drama you do not need.


Poorly-Sized Clothes

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Clothing size is a sensitive topic. You might think it would be thoughtful of you to get the cute sweater that your colleague been eyeing. It would be the perfect gift except you have no clue what their size is.

Guessing their size never helps. A size too big might mean you are implying something. Something too small might cause them to rethink their diet this holiday season. Avoid giving clothes unless you are 100% sure they will definitely fit them.

A Weighing Scale

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It is great that you take an interest in your colleague’s or boss’ health but a weighing scale just screams, “lose some weight!” That is definitely not a message you want to send across to your boss.

You don’t want them to be staring daggers at you during lunch, consider giving this gift idea a miss. It is a great gift idea but maybe not for the office Secret Santa.


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Unless you really hate this coworker, this gift seems to have some strongly odored connotations. Honestly, this is fine for your dad or maybe your uncles but let’s not offend someone you work with. Consider getting them perfume instead if you are looking to lighten their scent subtly.

Hair Removal Cream

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This is never a good idea in any situation. It adds a whole new level of embarrassment for you and your workmates. Not to mention the whole office might start questioning why they need the hair removal cream and for where..

You are basically starting gossip about them in the office. That is not very Christmas spirit-y.


Prune Juice

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Prune juice might be great for your mother or even grandmother. However, in the office, it implies that the person is backed up.

Sure, we all know a person who is metaphorically full of the thing that makes one constipated but it is a bit rude to be calling them out in front of the whole office.



Source: Victoria Secret

A Victoria Secret Christmas-themed lingerie might be the fastest way for you to end up in the HR’s office for a sexual harassment case. Unless you want to be unemployed this Christmas, definitely do not get this for your boss. It’s just plain weird.

If you thought of giving this to your boss, maybe consider getting yourself an appointment at a therapist’s office this Christmas.



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Uncreative. Lazy. 10/10 would not recommend. Giving just money kind of gives the impression that you did not bother to think of a meaningful gift for your colleague. Instead, give that a gift card. The same amount of effort but adds more ~thoughtfulness~


All in all, you have to put a bit of thought into the office gift. After all, you are going to spend your Monday to Friday with them every week. You don’t want to end up trending on Facebook or even worse, STOMP, this December over an office gift exchange.

Just don’t try to give the hair removal cream to anyone. It’s just a terrible gift.