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When Was The Last Time You Truly Slept?

Credit: SITFE

That is the tagline of SITFE’s (Singapore Indian Theatre And Film Explorers) latest production, SLEEP. A bilingual production in both Tamil and English, SLEEP will be streamed on SISTIC Live in 5 countries, from 19 to 28 March. And SLEEP could not have come at a better time.

Credit: SITFE

Singapore has always had a bad rep when it comes to sleep health.

Singapore’s Sleep Debt

In a 2014 report the National University of Singapore cited, Singaporeans topped the charts at sleep deprivation. We share the podium with cities like Seoul and Tokyo, united in our collective sleeplessness. According to a 2017 article by The Straits Times, 4 in 10 people don’t get enough rest on weekdays.

Credit: Cartoon Network

With the advent of COVID-19 upending routines and habits, sleep has become even trickier for some.

SLEEP and Sleep Heath

Drawing on personal experiences of Singaporeans, SLEEP is the other Singaporean story that deserves its own fair share of attention. Wouldn’t you like to know what keeps your fellow Singaporeans up at night? Or what they would say to Sleep itself, if they could?

As sleep health is inextricably linked to our overall wellbeing, including our heart and mental health, SLEEP is a great way to bring much-needed awareness to this topic. SITFE is so committed to this that they’ve partnered with a sleep expert in the United States, who will be giving a talk on Zoom after the 8pm show on 20 March!

Tickets are on sale now on SISTIC from $10 – $50. You can purchase them here.

Credit: SITFE

SLEEP is fairly nap-sized, at 1 hour 20 minutes.

The live-stream will be on 19 March, 8pm. All subsequent showings will be open dated, meaning watch-on-demand, from 22 March onwards.

Do note that SLEEP is not available for streaming in China and Indonesia.