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When Will Kopitiams Be A Cool Hangout For Singaporeans?

Source: Smith Street Taps and The Bedok Market Place

Singapore hawker culture has been nominated to be part of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list but when will the younger generation deem Kopitiams as the new and cool hangout spot?

The term Kopitiam comes from the word ‘Kopi’ which is coffee for Malay while ‘Tiam’ is a Hokkien or Hakka expression for shop. According to Epicure & Culture, this was where the older generation gathers and socialize back in their day. This still continues until today.

This is probably why when you think of Kopitiams or hawker centre, you would always think of old uncles drinking in the corner. However, there is nothing wrong with youngsters drinking and hanging out there as well.

While hawker centres may not look like the trendy cafes or pubs that we frequent, they have a lot more to offer than you might expect. Nowadays, hawkers have revamped their style to be up to date with current food trends. This means you can enjoy cool modern dishes as well as traditional hawker foods while hanging out with your friends.

Here are some hawker centres you should visit with your friends!


Golden Mile Food Centre

If you love café hopping and enjoy artisanal coffee, consider Golden Mile Food Centre for your next cup of coffee! Kopi More is definitely a must-try for local coffee lovers.

Source: @nusfatclub

Unlike other drink stalls, Kopi More makes their traditional Nanyang style coffee with an espresso machine. This makes the coffee smoother with less acidity and consistent mouthfeel. The coffee is still roasted the same way traditional hawkers do – with sugar and margarine!

Source: @wantdefood

Catch up with your friends over a cup of coffee and if a meal is too much, grab a couple baguettes from Mr. Baguette! The stall offers over 20 different baguette flavours to choose from, in all shapes and sizes. From the sweet chocolate filling Baguette Lava to the savoury Carbonara Baguette, these baguettes will make you forget that you are actually in a hawker centre.

You have to hurry to try out these stalls because Golden Mile Food Centre will be closing in December for a major renovation and will only reopen around March 2021.


Chinatown Complex Food Centre
Source: Smith Street Taps

After work drinks are usually at bars near the office but we all know how expensive it can be to order food from bars. Why not head over to Street Smith Taps at Chinatown Complex Food Centre to enjoy some craft beers while munching down on a hearty meal from a traditional hawker stall?

Street Smith Taps features 20 premium local and international craft beer, serve straight from the tap or in a nice cool bottle. If you wonder what beer pairs well with a plate of Char Kwey Teow, ask the Street Smith taps and they might give you a great recommendation. Cold beers and good local food, what is a better way to unwind on a work night?


The Bedok Marketplace
Source: The Bedok Market Place

If you are looking for restaurant-quality food at an affordable price, The Bedok Marketplace is the hawker center for you. There is a wide range of food selection that you can find there.

Halal grilled burgers from The Social Outcast, grilled ribs from The Burning Oak and Satay from Wow Skewer Bar, you cant find a spread quite like this in any bar or restaurant. Additionally, the way The Bedok Marketplace is decorated will make you feel like you are in a huge outdoor café.

Grab your friends to hang out and chat over some good food and beers. You may not even feel like you are in Bedok when you visit this hawker centre.


The local hawker centres and kopitiams are full of hidden gems with affordable prices. Additionally, they offer a wide selection of food that you will never get tired of. If you are craving for Indian food while your friends want some Chinese food, get it all at the hawker centre so you can still hang out together!